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* Personal Site *
Official site
Welcome to Osaka Kintetsu Island Site by Mr.Hara in Aichi. Blog, Mail magazine, Buffaloes players etc.
SEON Kintetsu FAN YAMATO's page. Best-nine, Expecting the issue of the game etc.
Our Osaka Kintesu Buffaloes Monta Yoshinori's page. He is a member of Buffalo Family(Yagyu Ichizoku).
GO! GO! Buffaloes Perls's page. He is supporting Hiroki SAKAI. You can hear various supoort-songs by MIDI.
Lavirins of the ocean depth Saila-Stanry's page. He loves Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes and Nagoya Grampus-eihgt (of J-League).
SHINSYU Mogyu WEB Suppoting Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes in Shin-syu area. A member of Buffalo Family(Yagyu Ichizoku).
Minami Kingdom Supporting not only Buffaloes but the global of the professional baseball team.
Tracks for THE BEST in JAPAN Buffaloes 2002 Web-master loves buffaloes very much. The passion is conveyed from the page. There is i-mode HP too.
Hand-book for Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes Fan You can get various information about Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes such as team, players, historical etc.
Electric Buffaloes party It is renewing frequently. "Shot memo " and "MVP of last week" are interesting.
O-Room Woder-land Kyusyu-Danji (of Kyusyu-area)'s site. There are many contents not only baseball such as child care.
Chito-chito "Me" (of saitama)'s page. Supporting Mizuguchi at Water Gallary. Photo, diary and more.
The room of A certain Buffaloes-fan Toa-ru's site. Buffaloes-fan seems to be few, but there is a large number, in fact.
DREAM & POWER BBS, Links and more. There are enquet-page and buffaloes-quiz also.
Ushi-Tra-Wave! Takashi's site. Supporting 3-teams in Kansai-area (Buffaloes, Tigers and Blue-wave).
- Live with MDS - Katsunori's site. There are pages about blood-disease such as MDS and leukemia.
Ryo Nan Paku Ryo-nan's page. He likes Yokohama Baystars and Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes.
Dream Hunter Ari's site supporting Carp and Buffaloes. Not only baseball but Move, Taleng etc.
Mr.Leader's Spade Mash Room Site by Mr.Leader and Bei-Shisho. Supporting Buffaloes. Story about horce race and hot-spring also.
Buffaloes Revolution 21 Sanshiro's site. Good design! A lot of information about Buffaloes.
Ichi-Yu-An Japanese-style page by UMESAN. His viewpoint is very sharp and deep.
Hishimeki Site by Asobouze. Very humor sense, colorful page, interesting comment and more.
Yattare Mogyu Buffaloes "Sho"'s site. You can get wav-type file of player's supporting songs.
The Utopia of the Bu Fan Rokkogyu's site. BBS, Chat, Bu-news, Bu-laboratory and more.
Man Shin Sou I Shoken's HP. He lives in Nishinomiya, Hyogo. BBS, Links, Chat etc.
Mogyu-no Tamari-ba Site by moki. BBS, Photo, Links about baseball-software and more.
Bu supporters poem Matoka's site. BBS, Watch-Diary etc. Remembering V1 on 1979 also.
Mutsuki's Room Main content is horse-race. There are some illustration of Kintetsu-players.
* Official site *
Personal site
Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes Official home-page of Buffaloes. It is colorful page.
TAKAGI Yasunari Official site Lefty-pitcher TAKAGI Yasunari's official site. There are Profile, Diary and News.
KADOKURA Ken official home-page Official site of KADOKURA. Baseball note, BBS, private photograph etc.
YAMAMURA Hiroki Official Site Official page of YAMAMURA. Profile, Links, Massages and more.
Osaka Dome Official page of Osaka Dome. You can get coupon ticket which can be used in dome-city.
Padou The page of shopping center in Osaka Dome. General shopping site. You can get not only bookd but DVD, CDs and more. Of courese, Buffaloes-goods are there.
Dot-com Life Internet shopping mall by Kintetsu group. Of course, you can buy Buffaloes Goods.

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