Dr.Takashima's Friends
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* Internet Friend * TENNIS / SOCCER
  • Corner cutting + Love =Meketey Kitchin
    Delicious, Health and Good-looking foods recipe. Meketey's BLOG.

  • Eccentric Bar MAGNET
    A bar in Umeda,OSAKA. It is the bar of the very good atmosphere which surrounded by Jazz.

  • Naseba NARUKO
    The barkeeper Nruko (of the MAGNET)'s page. Photograph, Message-board and so on.

  • NarSizm? (Shizuna's personal web site)
    Shizuna (of the MAGNET)'s page. Photographs, Diary, BBS etc.

  • NarSizm? (Shizuna's personal web site)
    Norio (of the MAGNET)'s page. 3-BBS, Profile, Trivia etc.

  • Shiki no aji "TSURUTA"
    Japanese restaurant in Kokura, Kyushu. You can eat fresh fish Sashimi, Nitsuke and so on. The atmosphere is warm and friendly. Line up of Sake and Shotyu are fullness.

  • Shimada-City Information Bureau
    He lives in SHIMADA city (of Shizuoka pref.). Many information about Shimada-city.

  • Sugiyama's HP
    Mail magazine associated with Bio-technology, Individual interview at the job hunting etc.

  • Takashima Family : Akiba-michi letter
    The master artist A.Takashima's studio and more. It is a page with value to see.

  • Takashima Home Information
    Lovely daughter Chihiro's page. This page seems to be "Good-Taste".

  • Hello! Yuki and Saki
    Growing diary of Yuki and Saki. There are many photographs.

  • HP of TSUKUDA-Souichiro
    There are many photographs of grandchild.

  • YAMA-Chan's
    Yamataka's site. He lives in Aichi pref. He loves golf. BBS, Profile and so on.

  • * TENNIS Friend * Internet / SOCCER

  • Goody-Buddy Masters
    OB and OG of Tennis Circle "Goody-Buddy" (of Tokyo University of Technical and Agrecalture) 's Home-page.

  • Hidehisa YOSHIDA's page.
    My friend when I was in "Goody-Buddy" of TUAT.

  • Okaki and Arare - Foods "I NO I CHI"
    There is a photograph of the process until Okaki and Arare (very small rice biscuits) was produced. There is a special sale on the internet. Mr.Hrada(young master of I NO I CHI) is a boss of DON-CLUB(the rival of TCDF).

  • * SOCCER Friend * Internet / TENNIS

  • Screen of K2's Life
    K2's Jubilo-tic Blog. He is regular member of Kansai-Jubilist meeting.

  • Jubilo - Bules
    Jubilist in Hyogo, Moritomo's site. Her BLOG is so cool, read it !!

  • KYON's Room
    He lives in Hamakita(of Shizuoka-pref.). He often contribute to Kansa-Jubilist.

  • Keiko's page.
    Member of Kansai-Jubilist. Keiko's page. Message board etc.

  • Pontereserio
    Rec(Jubilist in KYOTO)'s page. It is a name of football team he is belonging.

  • Mato Stadium
    Mato (Jubilist in Sakai)'s page. Jubilo page, Japan-representative page, Footsal page and so on.

    Atom (Jubilist in Tokushima's page). She loves Hideto SUZUKI very much.

    Mai (Jubilist in Osaka)'s page. Watching report, HP building material and BBS etc.

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