What do I study in a course of chemical engineering?

* A course of chemical engineering. *
It is the subject name of the university. A course of chemical engineering, a course of industrial chemistry, a course of applied chemistry ... It sounds the same all. Actually (I think), it seem to be the same if it is seen from the high school student.
My present specialty is chemical engineering. It is ChemicalEngineering, that is, Chemical (a chemical technique was used.)-tic Engineering.

* Well, What is chemical engineering? *
It is the learning based on the plant engineering. It may stop understanding it conversely when it is such a way of saying. After all, it is the learning it thinks how to create the factory (if it says, precisely, response device, that is, plant) whose efficiency is good.
  • "Catch" the Phenomenon
    Transport-phenomena, Thermo-dynamics, Process-engineering, Fluidics ... etc. The learning to understand and to do a simplification (modeling) various phenomena.

  • Understand Quantitatively

  • Various Applications

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