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* Site about mimmai *
music site / useful site
mimmai official site Official site of mimmai. Diary, Live information and more.
ZIP FM FM Radio station at Nagoya. mimmai were produced by this station.
SeamoNator & DJ TAKI-SHIT Friend of mimmai, SeamoNator & DJ TAKI-SHIT's site.
Amazon.co.jp General shopping site. You can get not only CompactDisks but books, DVD and more. Of courese, mimmai-goods are there.
mimmai FAN site Site by "Isop" in Tokyo. BBS, Link etc.
MAGICAL WAVE Information site by "Count Sir". Magical Music, BBS and more.
Kurokuma-net "Kurokuma"'s site. BBS, Profile and more. It will go to All-in-One home-page.
CRYSTAL GIRL Homepage by CRYSTAL-GIRL. Cheering "nobody knows". Diary, BBS and more.
factory Supporting mimmai, TRF, Imai-Eriko etc. Site by Masudon. Doing Fan Increasing Campagin.

* Music site *
mimmai site / useful site
Distance With You Site by "Hiroshi". His word, diary, bbs, chat and more.
Music Style Music search site. Many categories, very easy to use.
PopSite Artist HP search and link to music information site. "Strongest" Links!
Music Gate Japan Music search site. Category and Keyword search can be used.
Oops! Music Community Music Portal Site by listener for listener. Various information.
Ongakuya Search Engine Directory type search engine. You can find music-web by keyword search.
and music Community site for music lover. BBS and links of each major, indies artists.
J-Navi J-POP Site DataBase. Search site for Japanese major artist.

* Useful site *
mimmai site / music site
Info-Cash Get the money by seeing the advertising site. (Japanese)
CM Site You can collect the points by watching the Shock-Wave CM. (Japanese)
Fruitmail You can get many goods by collecting fruit-points.
iMi net Point-site. Receive e-mail. Click the url. (Japanese)
Wak Wak Mail Point-site. You can exchange points to Netmile or G-point etc.
Iimon Shop NITTECHNittech Sangyo in Fukuroi city (next to Iwata). You can buy many speciality of Shizuoka-pref such as Tea and Melon. And many helth-goods also.

mimmai site / music site / useful site
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