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mim (MIURA Yoshie)Namemai (TATEYAMA Maiko)
Autograph of MIMAutographAutograph of MAI
Jan.15, 19XXBirthdayAug.16, 19XX
B tyeoBlood typeO type
Tokai, Aichi-pref.FromHanda, Aichi-pref.
Piano, Sing a song, TennisHobbyPiano, write the lyrics, Songs
Rodesnet cookies, Avocado, Salmon roeFoodOctopus with Wasabi, Kimchi, Grilled noodles
Walt DisneyRespectMISORA Hibari
Mai made music by herself and was looking for the partner who sings together. At the dancing school, Mai and Mim became acquainted. They formed the duet in 1999. They produced CD by themselvs and 10,000 discs were sold within half a year. They came out with "Reunited" in 2001 from ZIP-City-Record. Furthermore, they made their major debut with "In those days" in 2002.

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